The Embassy does not issue new passports at present.  Nigerians wishing to obtain new passports have to do so in South Africa or Nigeria.  The Embassy will assist their citizens by issuing a referral letter to the Nigerian Consulate in Johannesburg for urgent assistance. Nigerians wishing to renew their passports after five years can do that at the Embassy.


Emergency Travel Certificates (ETC) are only issued to Nigerian citizens who have lost their passports and are willing to go back home, as well as Nigerian citizens who are in remand homes or prisons.  The travel certificate can only be used for a one-way journey to Nigeria.


Requirements for the E.T.C


(i) Proof of the Nigerian Nationality


(ii) Police Report on the loss of Passport (where relevant)


(iii) Airline ticket to Nigeria


(iv) Payment of $50


Other Consular Services
The Embassy also provides other Consular Services to Nigerian nationals such as:


Sworn Affidavits USD 10
Issuing of I.D. Cards USD 10
Authentication of documents USD 10
Letters  of introduction to other Embassies USD 10

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